Wood grain vinyl pergola

Sometimes you will see these models advertised as a "two post pergola" or a "wall mounted pergola". Having a natural color for your pergola also allows versatility within the design.

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Whether you're looking for a shady backyard structure under which to cook up a barbeque, or a modern centerpiece for a commercial property, we have what you are looking for. The Amish craftsmen on our team take pride in the backyard pergolas they construct. Our wooden pergola kits are made from several different wood species, but California Redwood and Cedar are the most common.

Wood, Vinyl, or Aluminum: Which Pergola Is Best For You?

But the most satisfying part of our business is that we help you create the atmosphere to enjoy the outdoors with your friends and family.

Difficulty level varies depending on whether you order a small size or a large size. Product your is size contact important; font-sizepx data 0. Try to be as realistic as possible. Prostate: Abscess. Don't want a country-ish or rustic structure in your backyard? Generally speaking, the vinyl pergola kits out there tend to be a little more expensive than wood pergola kits.

Vinyl Pergolas. In comparison to wood, a vinyl pergola will last a lifetime with minimal maintenance requirements; typically, an annual power wash is more than.

Get a Quote. Share This Post:. In fact, we make it in any size! With a wooden pergola, often confused with a gazeboyou will typically have the option to choose between either cedar or another kind of wood that has been pressure treated. The Arched Premium. Forest Ultima Wooden Pergola Kit 2. Download your inspirational brochure. You will love the Florence Faux Cedar Pergola with Canopy because it gives you an exotic look without the maintenance.

Vinyl Pergola Kits

Let's compare the two: Advantages and Disadvantages of California Redwood. The only disadvantage of fiberglass relative to wood and vinyl is that it is more expensive. We are so confident of the durability of our redwood, that we back our redwood models with a 15 year warranty. If you are looking for a higher end vinyl pergola kit then the Tuscany pergolas in a variety of styles and colors to choose from including wood grain texture. We welcome suggestions or questions about using the website.

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Home Product flood floetrol interiorexterior paint grain vinyl pergola. But did you know, wood pergolas can be customized with end cuts and top slats to offer that same look?

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Today, vinyl comes with sun-protective additives that extend its useful life. Roofs are heavy, and therefore cost a lot to ship. Premium 40 Mil Thickness. As you can see, the upper trellis sticks out about 6 inches from the posts on all sides.

Differences Between Wood and Vinyl Pergola Kits Traditional wood pergolas blend easily with many types of surroundings. It can be installed on a concrete pad, wood or composite deck or poolside with the include anchor brackets. Your pergola color and style can set the tone for your outdoor living space or serve as a gorgeous exclamation point.

We do NOT exchange links. With cedar, you can apply paint or stain right away and continue maintenance every other year. Consider painting yours white for a wedding or catering atmosphere.

But did you know, wood pergolas can be customized with end cuts and top slats to offer that same look? If you decide you want to paint or stain your pergola.

Choose Options. However, you can save a bunch more money by doing this DIY home improvement project yourself. The only disadvantage of wood is that the color will fade over time and the wood will turn gray, as will all wood. We will paint your fiberglass pergola in almost any color you want at no additional cost. Vinyl Pergolas. Luxury Vinyl Pergola Kits. So, the seller can pass those cost savings on to you.

Since you can paint the wood, you have flexibility to design your pergola around your space by choosing your color. Redwood 2" X 6" lumber inserts for vinyl ledgers. Pressured treated wood, cedar, and vinyl all have their admirers and they all look amazing in a variety of different backyard environments. Its innovative construction made with vinyl and recycled wood pulp offers the best of both materials for a lasting and beautifully colored item.

But if you don't want the hassle of maintaining the wood, look to vinyl or fiberglass.

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But we can share with you some basics about how pricing works in the shade structure industry, which will help you weigh your options. You can link to any website page, but you CANNOT copy paragraphs or pages to your website or publication without permission. The advantages of a larger structure are that you can entertain more guests under it and you can fit more under it, such as an outdoor kitchen, a fire pit, a hanging swing, furniture, etc.

In fact, felled redwood can lie dormant on the earth for decades and still be in good shape. In North America, there are several species of cedar. Fortunately, it also gets along wonderfully with both dark and light exterior colors. In addition, we provide a variety of low-maintenance, high-quality outdoor living products, built and designed by true Amish It is important to imagine yourself not only utilizing the space for fun, but performing routine maintenance as well.

We accomplish this by using PVC sleeves to cover the wooden structural posts, beams and runners, making it structurally stable and extremely long lasting. The style of your pergola depends on your style of home or current landscape design.

In the pergola industry, "attached" means wall mounted, while "free standing" means anchored to the ground. Toggle navigation. Textbook Chapters. Just give us a call and we will create your drawings for you to review and have us edit. The Arched Premium Arched pergolas are beautiful, but they are a bit more expensive than other types. Restoration Elements is modern, yet classic. Tradesman typically assemble a 12x12 Classic Pergola in under five hours excluding pouring of footings.

The same holds true trying to compare vinyl pergola pricing to wood pergola pricing.

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Garbrella builds a wide range of vinyl pergola kits that will enhance backyards all across the country. This painted grey pergola provides the same clean look as vinyl, but with the quality of wood. Get Price Free Sample Contact.

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It comes in a over sizes, including 14x14, 14x16 and even 20x While vinyl pergola kits offer excellent qualities, wood pergolas achieve the natural look more easily than any other type of pergola.

Page views in 3, A redwood pergola kit looks fantastic in any landscape setting, particularly when new. Advantages and Disadvantages of Cedar I would venture to say that there are more cedar pergola kits sold each year than any other type. Vinyl fence and outdoor structure makers provide multi year warranties on their products, wood grain vinyl pergola as long as 25 years. And if you want a waterproof pergola, but are not comfortable with vinyl, then fiberglass composite is the way to go.

No re-painting or re-staining required. Cedar is the most common wood used for all types of backyard structures, including gazebos, pergolas, sheds, decorative bridges, furniture, etc. Only you can determine the most important features that fit your outdoor project. Build your favorite online and watch it come to life on your property! However, if you live in an area with heavy snowfall, they may be less sturdy than either wood or aluminum when weighed down by snow.

The material — and the color — will last you for many years to come, and is versatile enough to compliment stucco, brick, bright AND neutral color home siding. Get in Touch! Home About Us Advertise Amazon. To learn about the differences and advantages of free standing and attached pergolasread our blog post! Banners on this and other pages are advertisements. Oakio was established inwe specializes in designing and manufacturing quality wood-plastic composite building products including outdoor decking, railing, fencing, cladding, pergola, and indoor SPC flooring.

Cedar Pergola Kits

Gallery obstacles. When I think of vinyl pergola kits, I think of bright white, typically contemporary-style outdoor structures. With a sturdy metal frame, an aluminum pergola can offer the stability of a wooden structure with a clean elegance, and completely customizable with accessories. In comparison to wood, a vinyl pergola will last a lifetime with minimal maintenance requirements; typically, an annual power wash is more than sufficient to preserve their color and appearance.

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Wood Post Layout & Installation using Bolt Down Post Brackets for Concrete or Wood Surface Vinyl Column Installation Over Wood Posts .

Instead of having a wooden frame, though, the structure is constructed of a heavy-duty powder-coated aluminum. You don't need special carpentry skills to assemble a custom pergola design.

If you live in a northern region that has a minecraft wiki crafting quarry summer, there is less of a need for a huge design in your backyard.

But a design with a roof arguably has more utility because it offers more shade from the sun and shelter from rain. Let's compare the two: Advantages and Disadvantages of California Redwood California Redwood is the most expensive of all outdoor woods. Random Posts: 4 rail fence how to build 2x6x8 wood plastic composite patio fence wpc decking planter boxes eco decking correct deck hidden fasteners the hull truth how to repair chip in non skid.

Both wood types take stain or paint which also gives you more flexibility with color choices than vinyl. Wood Pergola Kits Of all the various materials used to build backyard structures, wood is the most common. Fiberglass pergola kits, also known as "composite"are a completely different look.

These are more expensive because of the extra material and craftsmanship wood grain vinyl pergola to create the roof.

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Custom designs including radius, trapezoid or rhombus shapes, do not come with assembly manuals, and may require additional skills to assemble. Fiberglass composite does not rust, rot, warp, bend, or suffer from insect attacks.

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Since aluminum pergolas are powder coated, the paint will last forever. A pergola attached to the house is generally less expensive than a free standing design because an attached model only has two support columns instead of four.

But with so many pergola styles, colors, and materials out there, this luxury can come as both a blessing and a curse. Vinyl has come a long way since the 's.

Each Lakewood pergola is manufactured from premium high-grade polyvinyl Decorative LAKEWOOD Wood Grain Vinyl Garden Patio Spa Pergola.

Attached wall anchored vs. In the pergola industry, "attached" means wood grain vinyl pergola mounted while "free standing" means anchored to the ground. You will see these models sometimes advertised as a "retractable pergola", or "retractable shade pergola".

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Our most popular model to fit with a retractable canopy is our Serenity model in Western Red Cedar. Spruce up your backyard space with a beautiful Artisan Wood Pergola.

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The key factors to consider when comparing pergola materials is the maintenance and upkeep involved, the likely longevity of the material over time in conjunction with the upfront cost, and of course the overall style, benefits and look of the product. Just wood grain vinyl pergola how each of your children has their own unique personalities, so do the different styles of pergolas.

Item In the end, whichever pergola you choose is likely to become a permanent addition to your home, so you should make sure that you are completely content with your decision before moving forward with the project. Why the Different Styles of Pergolas Actually Matter Chances are, you already know about the endless benefits of these outdoor shade-enhancing beauties.

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The Lakewood Pergola requires a drill, level, ladder, measuring tape, and two people to assemble. For installation on a wood deck or concrete patio, use our.

The Artisan Wood Pergola comes standard with a pre-stained cedar wood stop and white vinyl posts with decorative bases. The pergola is a revolutionary melding of vinyl and recycled wood pulp that gives you the best of both worlds: a material that looks like wood with all of the consumer friendly, maintenance-free benefits of vinyl!

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Choose from a standard vinyl pergola kit model or custom design your own with dozens of color, style and sizing options!

It comes in over sizes, including 14x14, 14x16 and even 20x Vinyl or Plastic Vinyl has come a long way since the 's. See more ideas about Backyard, Backyard patio, Backyard privacy. Many people don't know this, and unfortunately they settle for a standard size kit size that doesn't quite fit their landscape perfectly.

Also long lasting and almost maintenance free, your aluminum pergola is sure to last through a lifetime of both rain and shine. From concept to creation, quality and attention to detail are at the forefront of our minds.

And if you want a waterproof pergola, but are not comfortable with vinyl, them fiberglass composite is the way to go. All are appreciated and beautiful, but some just thrive better in certain situations than others. Some of the most sophisticated aluminum pergolas have louvered roofswith blades that rotate, open and close for optimum daylight control.

This is due to its limited supply. Home » Vinyl Pergola Kits. Although you may have great visions of spending a weekend every two years sanding and restaining your beloved wooden pergola, if your summer schedule is often hectic and crammed already, you might find yourself slacking on this necessary upkeep that may vastly shorten the longevity of your investment.

Mar 9, - Explore bfacefinster's board "Fence ideas" on Pinterest. Therefore, you can leave it outdoors year-round. So whether it is a simple garden pergola or an outdoor kitchen statement-piece, the neutral colors of traditional design will complement the space without stealing the spotlight for themselves. Order Your Own! Pressure treated pine is beautiful, durable, and very strong. Get a Custom-Looking Pergola for a Fraction of the Price I like how this spacious outdoor structure features a more expensive custom, built-in look.

Random Posts: wall coverings ideas for bathrooms malta composite decking distributor where to buy vinyl tile grout choose best wood stain fence deck super waterproof composite decking systems. We customize the size for you down to the inch at no extra cost.

Arched pergolas are beautiful, but they are a bit more expensive than other types. Overall, wood pergola kits can be among the most cost effective of available options and can add a rustic or casual appeal to your backyard. However, this may increase your maintenance requirements for both cleaning and touching up paint over time. Sometimes you will see these advertised as "curved pergolas".

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